Thursday, June 16, 2016


Quotations Speech By Angela Lansbury To Oddfellows

I returned to Oddfellows to repeat my session on Quotations. It was easier to give the speech a second time. I already had the props.

Quiz on Quotations
I had the quiz on quotations from the previous occasion. I reckoned that a year later, if anybody had done the quiz previously, they might have the satisfaction of getting more of the answers right. However, I suspected that most people would have forgotten the questions, so the quiz would still strike them as new.

I was right. Even I had forgotten the questions - and the answers! This time, not having the answers to hand, I was not sure of a couple of the answers and had to check on the internet.

Angela Lansbury, CL, ACG.


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I gave this speech previously and because of some malfunction of my interaction with the HOD club website on Easy Speak the previous speech title remained on the programme for the latest meeting. it was listed as Project 6 Competent Communication Manual Project 6, learn, practise and demonstrate vocal variety. Although the speech would have been more suited to Project 9, persuade with power, or Project 10, Inspire your audience, it was evaluated as a speech with vocal variety.

When I did the competent communicator manual for the first time, I tried to match the subject to the project. However, when you re-do the manual, if you have learned all ten lessons, in theory you should be demonstrating how you have learned all ten lessons.

I did not win the ribbon for Best Speech that night (Jun 17 2016). It went to Steffy, who was bright and cheerful, dressed in a saree, started with a poem, and had a positive, upbeat message, as well as being a novelty newcomer giving a first speech.

Club President, Peter Jacques, won a Best Evaluator ribbon for evaluating my speech. (I was jointly awarded a best evaluator ribbon for evaluating table topics (see next post).

Angela Lansbury, CL, ACG.


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