Monday, November 12, 2018


Three Kinds of Problems You Can Solve, Big Problems, Small Problems and No problems. The Goat Story Reminds Me Good Things Are Good - The bad things Could Be Worse

There are three kinds of problems: Big problems, small problems and no problems.
Big problems - nothing could be worse. Wrong.
Things could be worse. You could have small problems.

Three Troubled Men
Imagine that once, long ago, a wise man had three visitors.
The first man had big problems. He was suicidal.
The second man had small problems. He was stressed.
The third man had no problem. He was aimless and bored.

The wise man asked the bored man to listen from the room next door to the solution to the other two men's problems.

No problems
One day, long ago, a wise man had two visitors.
In the morning, the first man called. He was a widow who was so fed up because he had lost his job. He had no wife, no children, no home and no work.
The wise man said: I can suggest three solutions to your problem.
First Find somebody to marry.

Three types of spouse. You could find somebody worse off, very poor. Help her. You only need a basic job. Offer her food, shelter and companionship.
The story of Job in the bible, called the bible by Christians, and the Old Testament by Christians.

Alternatively, find somebody who can help you. Look for a rich, clever woman. Tell you how much you admire her and would appreciate her help and companionship. Make yourself indispensable.

Third option, avoid the rich and the poor. Find somebody like yourself, who wants a companion. Marry them and make the best of life together.

This problem is dealt with in the story of Job in the Hebrew bible, renamed by Christians as the Old Testament.

The wise man said, Get a job, and that will take your mind off your other problems.
When you get paid, pay for some shelter.
When you have a job and a home you will find a wife.
When you find a wife you will have children.

What I have
Some things are bad. I could do with more money. I am worried about things which have not yet happened and might I have food. I have shelter. I have a toilet. I have company.
Yesterday's problems are over. Today's problems will be over tomorrow.
never happen.
As Benjamin Franklin said, Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.Things Could

Be Worse
The Goat Story

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Sunday, November 04, 2018


How To Use Props in Table Topics

Why should you listen to me? What are my credentials?

My Qualifications
I am an ACG, which means I have delivered at least 40 speeches.

I am an ALB, Advanced Leader Bronze, which includes mentoring others, evaluating and doing many roles.

My Experience
In Singapore I go to a meeting every day except Sunday, an average of 7 meetings a week, because I often attend two on Saturday or one midweek and occasionally a meeting Saturday or Sunday night.

Most meetings include three prepared speeches. (When the speaker is insufficiently prepared, you are getting an impromptu speech!)

My ribbons
I have won numerous ribbons. I have more than 50 in frames in London. In Singapore I have several for table topics and others for evaluating, which is itself a mini-speech, unprepared.

My Clubs
I belong to two Toastmasters club in London, England, Harrovians and HOD. In Singapore I belong to Braddell Heights Advanced and Tampines Changkat Advanced.

The person who introduced me to Toastmasters was Indra Sikdar who I met at Harrow Writers Circle. He took me to Harrovian Toastmasters Club. He was my mentor. When I did my Icebreaker, he told me to use props.

Hats and Books
I had a cowgirl hat for my time in the USA, a coolie hat for my time in Asia, and my book Wedding Speeches and Toasts about my writing career.

The Cheque Prop
Mike described a cheque for money he was paid. He was advised to use a prop. The cheque. Second time he gave the speech, he showed a cheque he was paid. Too small. You don't expect me to create an outside cheuqe like a poster. Yes. He did it, a huge cheque. Very effective. He won at next level.

The Michelin Man prop

Darren Tay and the underpants
International Winner 2017 (?)

The Coffee Cup
Gideon gave a speech about coffee. Where was the coffee cup?  Are coffee cups too small to see. Then print one.  Easy to find one, In any magazine advertisement. No printer. Cut one of the outside of a pack of coffee.

The Flower
My friend drove to collect me. I thought, I don't have a prop. My garden was full of daffodils. Just a minute I said. We're late.
I'm not going back insdie. Just picking a flower.
st that for, to decorate the venue.
Er - yes.
When I got there we did not have a vase. I put the flower in my pocket.
The topic was, In spring a young man's fancy turns to love, what does spring men to you.
I pulled out my flower. Yellow daffodils. As Wordsworth said,
I wandered lonely as a cloud ...
Afterwards I thought everybody must have said the same thing, None of them did.

And I was the only one with a prop. My friend asked me, 'How did you happen to have a prop in your pocket?'

The Manual As A Book
I wanted a book. I asked somebody if they had a book or a notebook. No, only the toastmasters Manual they said.
'May I borrow it?

My topic was:
What book would you take with you to read on a desert island?.\
The TM manual! Never mind how long the rescuers took. I would have time to practise all my speeches. And when they rescued me I could give a thank you speech.

Topic: Tell Children To Take Precautions Without The Words Sex or Naming Any Body Part
John Cyriac was the winner. He said: Imagine you had just bought a new car or motorbike. You would want to protect it, wouldn't you. You would cover it up with a plastic cover to be sure it didn't get damaged. That's what you should do with your own precious body. Look after it. Protect it.

Angela Lansbury ACG ALB

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