Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Fulfilling Objectives

Problem Somebody on linkedIn asked what other clubs would do about a member who completed the ten basic speeches without fulfilling objectives. Answers You could have a once a year meeting in which objectives are described for each member. The opening speech at each meeting could explain objectives. (For example, toastmaster of the evening could explain how the evaluator will introduce the objectives first, then the speech will be evaluated. You could devise a system of points, like a the judging criteria, which gives objectives. Then give a table topics session in which people demonstrate speeches fulfilling or not fulfilling objectives. Alternatively, each time you open a meeting, give a pep talk on meeting objectives, and ask evaluators to say whether the speech met objectives (as part of recommendations - still ending on a positive and encouraging note. Or ask the General Evaluator to speak at the beginning about fulfilling objectives. Or hold a session about objectives and how the club can improve. Ask the 'failing' member for their opinion. Once you know the reason, you can bring that up as an objection to following objectives, and get all the members to suggest ways - even to promise to try to fulfil objectives. Does the member actually have a manual (maybe they have lost it - or they are preparing speeches at the last minute - or they are preparing speeches for work which don't fit the manual. I think a sample of speeches fulfilling the objectives would be good. I might do this for my next table topics session. Angela Lansbury, author and speaker.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


My next speech on How To Get Rid of Insects In Your House

PROPS Large insect spray. Picture of a cockroach. Angela Lansbury Travel writer and photographer

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