Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today I was General Evaluator at Harrovians Speakers, evaluating all the other evaluators.

When I first did the GE role two years ago I could not remember to evaluate the evaluators. It seems absurd now.

Today I just sailed through as GE. It's much easier if you know the people. And write comments you want to read out in capital letters. And, as my friend William always advised, focus on just one to three points about each person.

I also won a ribbon for a table topic. The President Tony Lazar said before presenting me with the prize, that I had done very well with a difficult topic. I didn't think it was difficult. The topic was: How does a blind baby learn to understand its surroundings?

I rushed up to the topics master and grabbed his hand and thought to myself, and said aloud:
''I must just close your eyes for a second and think how a blind baby would feel.''

(I shut my eyes and kept hold of the topics master's hand.)
''How would I recognize people? By their smell!''
(I sniffed the topic's master's hand and arm. He was trying to pull to get away and I was wrinkling up my nose like a hamster and the audience was already in hysterics.)

''I suppose I'd better let you go. And find somebody else. In the front row. Who's there?''

(I stepped forward. I found the arm of somebody wearing a jacket with padded shoulders.)

''Ah, how do you tell a man from a woman? I think this is a man. A jacket with padded shoulders.
Who else is out there?''

(I started feeling an empty chair.)

''Nobody. Some babies are just unlucky.

''Can't somebody help me? Lead me to somebody else. Somebody's leading me forward. Somebody will always find a baby which is in trouble and help it.

''Now I have a problem. I can't see the red and green traffic lights. Somebody tell me how much time I've had? Amber?

''Can you lead me back to the front again? Thank you, so kind of you to help a little blind baby.
'Oh dear, what's that? A rattle? Time's up! I'd better open my eyes.''

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