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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining - evaluation

What did I learn from this recording?
1 Print the title of your speech or event large as the start to the recording.
2 Make sure the back of your hair is combed neatly, especially after removing your hat or hood or coming in from the windy outdoors before being filmed.
3 Look in both directions, including at the camera, but equally all around, when being videod.

What did I learn from this evaluation?
Maybe the title, opening line and punch line are the same, and could be shown on a banner or, in a small room to a small audience, a poster or A4 poster. Even a screen on an iPad.

In this video despite telling the evaluator to look for transitions, showing I was aware I needed them, I still had not made sufficient transitions. I had three stories. So I need a minimum of two, and a maximum of four transitions.

The first transition is from the introduction to the first story. (Unless you count the introduction as the first transition). 

The transition could be simple.,'So now I shall tell you my first story, a personal story, about ...'. 

At this point I need a prop. A picture of my uncle? The headline of the newspaper from the bombing in London. The years I used to put my three stories in chronological order:

2002 Death of my uncle.
 2005 London bombing.
2015 Paris bombing.

Then only two middle transitions, the first from story one to story two. 
The simplest transitions would be linking the times. For example, "three years later, after this personal event, affecting only a dozen people in any family, I recall an event affecting everybody in London."

The third transition: .

The final transition to the conclusion: "What can we learn from these three stories. "

"Two events are a coincidence, a similarity. Three similar events are a pattern. In my life, in your life, in everybody's life."
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