Saturday, April 12, 2014


Words Of Wisdom From Speakers

Area Governor Coralie says:
   Toastmasters International has a huge number of clubs, 14,000 clubs in 12 countries.
(Angela's Favourite cliche:) If somebody moves you applaud.
If they speak you evaluate. Evaluate the evaluators.

   Warren says: The Toastmaster of the Evening has the most important job - he or she controls the meeting. The timekeeper measures the time. For sticking up posters and signs, reminders, word of the day, 'Blutack is a Grammarian's best friend'. Everybody evaluates all the time.

   Table topics are impromptu speeches on topics which in the early days were picked off the table.  Love can move mountains. Betrayal.

   I asked Coralie for feedback on my table topic in the recent Area Contest. We had topics in the interlude while counting was taking place at the recent Area contest we had topics for entertainment. I was speaking on why you should be picked for a date on a TV dating show. Coralie kindly said I was sensual.


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