Monday, February 02, 2009

On You Tube see the video of The Perfect Speech by Angela Lansbury Author on the site of William Brougham.
To summarise my points:

1 Start with a surprise. 
I demonstrate a visual surprise with a prop.  
I am assuming the audience is sitting in front of you waiting.
On a magic site I saw an except from a video showing you how to do street magic. They showed how to use sound to get attention from passers-by. 

2 Speak loudly enough to be heard.

3 Know where your speech is going and make this clear, especially if you have something to sell or promote.

4 Forget fear. Take deep breaths. Plan your speech. Practise at a speakers' training club such as Toastmasters International.

5 End with a call to action - if possible echoing the message from the start. As I am now:
See me demonstrating The Perfect Speech on you tube - search for You tube Perfect speech Angela Lansbury author.

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